Hi, my name is Michele and this page is all about me.


Because, as your future coach, I take our relationship very seriously.  You know, we're going to be best friends!  I love you! I've got you! I get to know so much about you!  So, I thought you'd want to know a little about me too.


Here I am in my picture-perfect world of coaching...where I waive magic wands and make everything so much better!  LOL!  


I absolutely love making new friends, helping you find your own insights, and watching you blow my mind with the changes YOU make!


I have got the cutest, most cookie cutter kids that all look the same!    


When I was younger, I didn't want to be a mom, and when I got married I had so many health problems I was afraid I never would!  Now I'm blessed to have 3...and 3's the perfect crowd!


I LOVE to run. It's my happy place and SO relaxing for me!  I'm also a fitness instructor teaching cycle, and you all know that I LOVE the plant-based diet!


In college, I thought I'd be a nutritionist one day!  Then I wanted to be a counselor for eating's funny how things come together!


I like to call this my fitness instructor personality!  It's the fun, I-can-do-anything persona that I wish was my every day!  


I LOVE to have FUN!  And, I bring those Lopez hips to the session as well!!  But don't worry, I won't outdance you!  Hahaha...


This was one of the first videos I posted on my page showing me in my "natural" state.  


I'm a mess 1/2 the time, just like everyone else.  I usually don't wear make-up and I go to the gym without doing my hair! 


I also still struggle with stress and stress eating, but I know how to find my way out!


I get so fired up sometimes!  I am SOO passionate about a plant-based diet and helping people...did you notice?  


I love sharing my life and my mistakes, my discoveries and my goals with you so that you'll be inspired to never give up on your dreams.  


And never settle for "normal!"


I took one of those persoanality tests once and my #1 ranking was teacher!  It said "you might often find yourself teaching in everyday situations."  


I never noticed before that, but I'm ALWAYS teaching!  I'm afraid it's probably obnoxious to my close friends, but they seem to love me anyway!


I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I believe in Jesus Christ.  I served a proselyting mission in Japan where I taught people about him and his gospel.


I also have a profound respect for any light and truth and often find inspiration from other religions!  We say so many of the same concepts in different ways that it enlightens my own spiritual journey.


Curiousity has got to be one of my favorite emotions!  When I have money, I spend it on books, courses and experiences!


I enjoy learning and teaching and I have so much fun distilling it all into practical applications so that you don't have to!

To Sum it up...

I am a lot like you. I'm amazingly good at some things, and terrible and others. I've got brilliant ideas and not so great ones.  I am the nicest person ever and not so nice sometimes.  I'm good and bad.


The truth is, I'm just 50/50.


But I love deeply. I'm a sucker for all charitable causes, and easy sell.  I think about you all the time. And I care about you.


And...I'm a champion on Team FREED! 


I found freedom in my health, stress and food.  And, my mission is to help you learn to love yourself as you stop stressing and start enjoying life in its many colors.  


I'm here to help you start living the life of your dreams! 


That's me. I hope to meet you real soon. 




Michele Vilseck


+317 648 2747

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